BRE Global Now Awards The KEYMARK For Heat Pumps

The European Committee for Standardisation (CEN) has licenced BRE Global as a certification body for the KEYMARK, a voluntary, independent, European certification mark for all heat pumps, combination heat pumps and hot water heaters

KEYMARK certification is based on independent testing and compliance with the requirements of the scheme’s rules. Manufacturers who submit their products must also comply with the EU’s Ecodesign regulation* for reducing environmental impacts through design. BRE Global Business Group Manager for Microgeneration Certification John Holden said ‘This is good news for our customers. It means that along with the MCS certification for heat pumps we currently provide (a prerequisite for the Renewable Heat Incentive scheme), we can now offer a single cost-effective service leading to both MCS and KEYMARK certification’. Until 31 March 2017, heat pumps which have already achieved MCS, NF-PAC or LCP-HP (Eurovent) certification, or the EHPA Quality Label may be able to take advantage of transitional arrangements which provide a fasttrack route to the KEYMARK. The KEYMARK for Heat Pumps provides a single certification scheme for Europe open to all interested parties and includes:

• Third party measurements using test points from Ecodesign (EU regulation 2013/813 & 2013/814)

• Factory production control quality management audits

• Alignment with Ecodesign (Ecodesign, minimum requirements will apply to thermal and acoustic performance)

Following this development BRE Global is now appointing Recognised Testing Laboratories and Factory Production Control Auditors to conduct heat pump testing and factory inspections under the KEYMARK for Heat Pumps certification scheme.



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