SEAI Celebrate Successful Year

The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) has published its achievements statement for 2016, highlighting its advocacy and support schemes which delivered €130 million in efficiency upgrades. Over 24,000 homes and almost 400 community buildings benefited from the works completed. The national energy authority also provided almost €5m funding to 41 research, development and demonstration projects across renewable and energy efficiency technologies and practices.

SEAI also worked extensively with the public sector to help it achieve its national energy performance targets and fulfil its exemplar role. 80 public bodies, accounting for 80% of the sector’s energy spend, are now committed to SEAI led structured energy management programmes.

Eight of those participated in SEAI’s accelerator programme and achieved the demanding international certification to ISO50001.

SEAI supported more than €40m investment in energy upgrades by sustainable energy communities. The growing sustainable energy community network now has more than 60 members who collectively influence more than €500m in energy spend. Looking to 2017, SEAI’s activities are set to expand considerably as a result of the increased budget allocation from the Irish government. This will allow SEAI pilot aspects of deep building retrofit which will be essential to transform aging building stock.

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