TWF Now Releasing The First ‘A+’ Rated Energy Efficient Mass Market Housing

Using the latest building materials, technology and construction techniques, TWF has developed a range of quick build, lower cost (over a standard build) A+ rated energy efficient homes for developers/builders and housing authorities to release to the mass market.

Depending on the project, TWF can finance the build and are particularly interested in discussing longer term finance options of 10-20 years+.

Starting from the Z1 – Social/Affordable Starter home all the way up to the Z5 – Forever home, each A+ rated home comes with a range of options which, if introduced, typically equate to a:

• 200% – Increase in energy efficiency

• 70% – CO2 saving on a standard build

• 90% – saving on-going energy costs

• 50% – Increase in acoustic performance

• 60-year lifespan design to building fabric

• 20 Year warranty on Solar Installation (fail-and-replace)

• Up to 10 Year battery warranty

• Ofgem certified BEM control system with energy savings of at least 20+% (typically we are seeing savings circa 40-50%)

• Nano-coated exterior to protect render and reduce damp ingress and unsightly algae growth

• 50% reduction in water consumption

• Meets all current building regulations

As an example, the TWF Z1 – Social/Affordable Starter home equates to:

• A typical build time (with all relevant preparation completed) inc. of all fixtures and fittings of circa 21 days

• A single fuel bill estimated to be £200 per annum and managed over our Android/IOS app

• An industry-first social energy tariff and remote management platform

Our ISO 9001 / ISO14001 / ISO18001 production line enables a large portion of the house to be constructed off-site, substantially reducing build time, site labour costs, site waste and centralising production.

For planning, design, finance or if you would like additional information, email or call 0844 884 2891.

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