Dewalt’s positive commitment to UK manufacturing

At a time when many want to see the UK’s strong manufacturing heritage revitalised, DeWalt is investing in plant and people at its Hellaby manufacturing and assembly plant in South Yorkshire.
As part of its ongoing ‘Make Where We Sell’ campaign, DeWalt has selected the location as the lead global production and assembly plant
for two key global products.It has resulted in significant investment into both the plant’s facilities, as well as the creation of enhanced career opportunities for the local community in and around Rotherham.

Following a major overhaul of the plant’s assembly layout, the two new assembly lines were created in 2017,and thanks to the dedication and expertise of the workers, within six months each line is already producing outstanding results.A DeWalt combi drill is now assembled every 62 seconds at Hellaby, while results for the impact driver are even better, as a new one is created every 45 seconds. With over 140 parts used
for the assembly process across the two products, it is a major feat of planning, logistics and teamwork.
The pride behind made in the UK As well as facilities, DEWALT has also invested in the staff at Hellaby. Prior to the new lines starting production,existing staff from the site were chosen to travel to the Czech Republic to be trained on the new assembly lines.
They were then charged with training fellow workers and overseeing the line’s performance once they were up and running.“Our teams employ a variety of skills such as precision assembly, electronics assembly, software upload and testing, as well as quality control – all of which go into creating the quality products for which DEWALT is famous.

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